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The Angel Raphael

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The Angel Raphael
1093 Pebble Hill Rd, Doylestown, PA 18901

A Message From the Angel Raphael
The Angel Raphael is here to help you wake up from the illusion of separateness in order to claim your divine birthright as a powerful creator of your reality. Raphael has said in order for each individual to move forward with aligning to his or her divine purpose, each of us must be able to forgive ourselves as well as others.  Check out the Angel Raphael's message on forgiveness below:

      As part of the divine manifestation of universal consciousness you are sacred. All communication with the Angel Raphael, as channeled through Kelly Kolodney, is a sacred experience. Its purpose is to awaken you to the vibration of love that resides within you and to enable you to amplify this vibration to help you connect with your divine light body. Through this connection you will remember your purpose for incarnating on earth. This connection will energize your capability to manifest the vibrant health, deep relationships and situations that will make your life one of heaven on earth.  

     You can learn more about Kelly and her connection with The Angel Raphael here in the About section.

      If you have not been able to attend a group channeling session with Kelly and the Angel Raphael either in person or over the phone, recordings of the Angel Raphael's messages are available. To download recordings of recent group channeling sessions with the Angel Raphael as an MP3 , visit the store.  You can listen to a free recording of this month's free angel reading conference call when you register to participate in next month's free call using the form above.

Free Angel Reading Conference Calls

      This is your direct line to the Angel Raphael. Each month Kelly channels the Angel Raphael during a free conference call to provide insights into how you can use the earth energies that month to their maximum potential for your personal growth. This call is has many participants so you are asked to email your question in advance. The questions will be grouped by topic and generalized so all can benefit from the answers. Register for the call by filling out the sign-up form above. The next free call is on Thursday, February, 6th at 8pm EDT. For more information about the free angel reading conference call visit the  Free Angel Readings page.

Private Angel Reading Channeling Sessions
      A private angel reading will open your heart and provide you with the keys to unlock the door to your divine blueprint. In the process, it will make you laugh, make you cry, shed light on your past, get you centered in the present, bring you into the flow, and help you create the health, joy and abundance you deserve in your life! Through her unique gift of channeling, Kelly has provided private angel readings that have helped many people discover their life's purpose and address the challenges that hold them back from achieving it. This process has enabled many people to break free of their old patterns and to create the health, abundance and joy they deserve. To arrange a private channeling session either over the phone, via Skype or in person click here to  purchase a private channeling session.

Angel Reading Gift Certificates
      A private channeling session or angel reading with the Angel Raphael is life changing and makes a wonderful gift. Click here to  purchase a private channeling gift certificate
for a 30 or 60 minute private angel reading with the Angel Raphael.

Group Angel Reading Channeling Sessions
      When you attend a group angel reading also known as a channeling session, the Angel Raphael answers questions of audience members with specific messages that help them to realize their responsibility to bring love into every aspect of their life. The answers are specific enough to be very helpful to the individual but general enough to be engaging and pertinent to everyone in the room. Take a look at the events calender to attend an upcoming group channeling session with the Angel Raphael. If you would like to arrange a group angel reading session, please contact us.

Messages from The Angel Raphael
Check out the blog! The Angel Raphael has written messages and techniques with details about how you can create your portion of Heaven on Earth.  The first blog post is on the Law of Attraction. Join our emailing list by registering for the free monthly call and we'll notify you when new posts are available.

  Thank you for your support! We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and with your friends and family. The more you share the Angel Raphael's messages with the people you know and love, the faster we will all be able to co-create heaven on earth!

The Angel Raphael
1093 Pebble Hill Road Doylestown, PA 18901 US
Phone: (215)230-9977 Website: