All communication with the Angel Raphael, as channeled through Kelly Kolodney, is a sacred experience. Its purpose is to awaken you to the connection you share with your angelic self and to enable you to amplify this vibration to become the perfect being you truly are in all areas of your life.

The Angel Raphael is here to help you wake up to your innate purpose and live a live filled with personal growth and joy. A spiritual healing session with the Angel Raphael is not your typical personal coaching or energy healing session. 

The Angel Raphael helps you to connect with your Angelic Self through meditations, Angel activation Blessings and chakra cleansing exersizes.

Raphael's  divine guidance has helped thousands of people like you discover their life's purpose and access their innate potential as powerful creators. If you are ready to step into the flow of life, you are in the right place!

Every month Kelly shares the messages of The Angel Raphael in a free angel reading conference call.  The next call is Tuesday, November 29th at 8pm ET.  Register today!

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