The Angel Raphael

Are You Ready to Discover Your Divine Power?


Presenting a new class guided by the Angel Raphael

Spirals Of Destiny™

is an angelic vibrational tool that enables you to identify, achieve and live your perfect life.

Your soul came here with a mission. If you feel a lack of purpose, your mission has been buried by the limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences that have accumulated during your life.

The Spirals of Destiny program will help you discover and connect you to your soul’s purpose, clear limiting beliefs that may have prevented you from achieving your goals up until now, and will align your vibration with the manifestation of your destiny.

Are You Ready To Fulfill Your Destiny?

Join The Angel Raphael and learn how to manifest your dreams.


In this class, you will…

Gain clarity from Angel Raphael about what is going on from an energetic perspective and how to prepare for the events unfolding on the planet.


Private Session
Awaken the High Priestess Within
“Unburdening Self Meditation”
Journey to New Earth Meditation
"Love Your Body Meditation” - New!
“Your Angelic Self Meditation”
“Sacral Release & Torus Meditation”
Digital Download Bundle (with extras)
"Birthing Your Angelic Self" -New!
"To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail."
Henry Jacobs