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Join us on this amazing journey as we unlock the 33 Key Codes to attune to your Highest Self!

Each Key Code transmission will help you use latent forgotten tools to aid you on your path to becoming the Ascended Master that you are!

You can choose to purchase one or more Key Codes that particularly call to you, or you can join The Angel Raphael as an “I AM” member to access all past, present, and future Key Code transmissions as they become available. A new Key Code is presented every three weeks so the monthly I AM membership is the best option if you plan to experience all of the Key Codes.

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Pineal Gland Key Code Activation

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from 9/19 through 9/30!

This key code will activate the pineal gland often referred to as the seat of the soul. As a result of today’s modern lifestyle, most of our pineal glands are calcified creating a barrier to our intuitive and psychic gifts. This activation will stimulate the pineal gland utilizing both sacred geometry and the symbol of the infinity sign to open up  doorways into higher states of consciousness. Our guide through this process will be the Ascended master Melchizedek.

DNA Key Code Activation

DNA Key Code Activation

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from 10/10 through 10/21!

The DNA Keycode will help you unlock the hidden gifts stored within our dormant DNA strands. We will be working with the Great Master Hilarion to travel into the 975 of our DNA strands that are labeled as junk to discover how to tap into the fountain of youth and miracles within our bodies



Council of Light Key Code Activation

This key code will connect you with the great council of light to review and revise your current soul contracts and agreements. We will have full access to our records and deepen our connection with our current soul family bringing greater understanding to our relationships and the role we and others choose to play for our souls growth. Due to our advancement in consciousness we can now alter any of these agreements and create new ones that are in alignment with our current stare of awareness.


Starseed Origin Key Code Activation

The original transmission for this activation was during the powerful Lion's Gate Portal. This Key Code Activation connects us with the Sirian Elders who will teach you how to communicate with them telepathically. As we share our intentions for our life with them, they will anchor our intentions through a personal pyramid of light, creating a new template for your personal creation to come into reality. During this activation you will experience a homecoming with your star family.


Earth Star Key Code Activation

This activation connects us to Mother Earth and the animal kingdom. We reconnect with the rhythm of the earth and we learn how to contain and ground our energy. This is the first key code that creates a foundation for all future key codes creating a state of equilibrium and stability. This activation opens a portal to the heaven on earth and prepares us for the 5D activation. In this Activation you will also receive a name from the animal kingdom. Guided by White Tail Hawk.


Self Love Key Code Activation

This key code is will connect us to the unconditional love of the divine mother showing and reflecting to us a deep sense of worthiness. Lack of love for ourselves is at the core of any lack we feel in our lives including the feeling of being “Less Than”.  We will connect with Mother Mary to receive her wisdom on unconditional self-love.


Forgiveness Key Code Activation

This key code will take us on a journey to recognize that holding onto resentment only hurts ourselves. We let go and forgive not only traumas and triggers from this life but also throughout all of our incarnations. Releasing the shackles of our own judgment cast upon ourselves will help us to once again embrace our freedom to be truly who we are without hesitation. This activation will be lead by the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis


Light Language Key Code Activation

This key code activates the understanding of ancient language of light within us. Light language is a form of communication that bypasses human limitations to receive direct energetic information and updates. Through this activation you will spontaneously begin to connect with this universal language of deep healing. It may come as a spoken word, written, danced or transmitted through hand movements or tones. Regardless of the form it appears as, it will require a certain letting go and a willingness to trust in the process. We will be guided by beings from across the galaxies to fully embody these gifts.


Golden Disc Key Code Activation

The Golden Disc Activation key code will require us to  delve deep into the personal and collective ego and will help us to recognize when the ego mind is leading us astray. The golden disc vibration is a very powerful tool harnessing the light of the great central sun to burn and purify old patterns based in the old matrix. Sekmet will support us to activate this golden disc so that the protective powers of this energy is accessible to us at all times.


Divine Feminine Key Code Activation

This key code will give rise to the divine feminine energies within that have been suppressed for centuries. It will support us in reclaiming our gifts of healing; learning to let go of judgment, sin and shame; and release any areas of suppressed life force. Activating our Divine Feminine Key Code connects us to our sensuality and innate sexual power. We will connect with Mary Magdelene as she shares with us tools to activate our personal divine feminine energies.


Celebration Key Code Activation

This keycode opens us up to fully embrace and embody the sweetness of life by helping us identify joy even in the mundane. This Key Code reminds us to lighten up and see the beauty in every area of our life. It inspires us to Dance in the moonlight, smell the flowers and embrace everything with childlike innocence; celebrating each breath with joy. We will be connecting with the playful energy of the dolphins and the ancient teachings of the Elohim


Personal Power Key Code Activation

This key code opens the door to step into our personal power and recognize we are the master of our reality. In order to do this, strong boundaries often need to be implemented and the people pleasing, victim mentality needs to be dropped. In this key code we will connect with the powerful energy of the black jaguar to find our strength and stand in our truth.


Discernment Key Code Activation

This keycode will activate the vibration of self-trust and inner wisdom from within. We will be working with Lord Lantos in the temple of illumination to shed light on our inner knowing and learn how to trust our internal compass without question.


Merkaba Key Code Activation

This activation will fully connect us to our light body vehicle the Merkaba. The Merkaba is a star tetrahedron that surrounds our body and when you activate it it acts as a vehicle of travel during both meditation and sleep time. When our Merkaba is activated it acts as both a healing and protective tool. It balances and revives the activities between both sides of our brain. This strengthens our sensitivities and mental abilities. Metatron will assist with this activation.


Akashic Records Key Code Activation

This key code taps into the great design of our soul through  the akashic records and helps us to disentangle from past lives and agreements. Often we carry with us old karmic patterns that no longer serve us. The ancient Egyptian god Thoth will help us recognize these patterns and release them.


Healing Key Code Activation

This key code will open is up to see the emotional component to any health issue we have and support us in clearing this through the emerald green ray of healing. We will travel with Angel Raphael to the healing temple of light and receive guidance on any energies lodged in our energetic field that are contributing to disease. Angel Raphael will be our guide trough this process creating space for miraculous healing of the body.

Creation_Code_Master_Sophia copy

Creation Key Code Activation

This key code connects us with the universal womb of creation, which is the black void from which all manifestation of life emerges. It contains the sum total of all possibilities. The activation of this key code will support you in opening creativity, letting go of resistance and birthing new life journeys. Our guide through this process with be the Ascended Master Sophia


Unity Key Code Activation

During the human experience we can often experience deep trauma which can cause fragmentation in our energy field and parts of self to scatter. This key code activation will be guided by Sanat Kumara to help you gather and reclaim all parts of self, unifying them as one. We will connect with all of our energy centers unifying them with breath back into the heart. We will then activate our lightbody using the unified field to create a complete resonance with our true self.


Dolphin Crystal Temple Key Code Activation

This key code is deeply connected with the Lemurian energy connecting us with both the dolphins and the crystals. This activation will create healing in the collective water on earth and in turn our own body which is 60% water. You will attune to the crystal kingdom receiving messages and learn how to read the wisdom contained in Lemurian and other crystals. Mira the Crystal Dolphin will be guiding this activation along with Adama.


Divine Masculine Key Code Activation

This key code activation will connect us with the active force embodied by the Divine Masculine.  This key code teaches us to  seek truth, pursue freedom, and preserve self-sovereignty. This activation will propel you forward  to take action thorough disciplined efforts with the support of the Ascended master Serapis Bey.


Heart Flame Key Code Activation

The Heart Flame Activation key code will support us in the letting go and surrendering process as we fully open our heart to release any protective shields from past hurt.  We will fully embody the power of our scared heart and learn to breathe from the heart, processing life with and open and loving heart.


Gratitude Activation Key Code

This key code is one of the fastest avenues to ascension. It is easy to see what is wrong in both the world and your personal life but it takes practice to cultivate the energy of gratitude with each breath. This key code when fully activated unlocks the door to infinite abundance in all realms of your life. Buddah is the guide for this activation.


Protection Key Code Activation

This activation will be guided by arch angel Michael. This activation will not only activate your ability to feel safe at all times but also to help the planet as it goes through unprecedented changes.  We will activate a powerful shield around you and you will learn how to use it with precision and accuracy.


I AM Presence Activation Key Code

This activation will connect you fully with your I AM presence. Recognizing it as your true source of love and light. Understanding how to turn everything over to your “I am” will help you develop a trusting relationship with yourself. During this activation you will learn to invoke the commands and degrees shared by your I AM presence. This activation is guided by the I AM that I AM Presence.


5D New Earth Activation Key Code

This key code activation will open up portals to the 5D. We will travel over the rainbow bridge into other dimensions leading us to heaven on earth. The great Master Metatron will be our  loving guide into the 5D.


Hypogeum Activation Key Code

The hypogeum activation will connect us with Atlantis and the many gifts that we can reactivate as we attune to the sacred geometry formed by the vibrations of sound and light. The Hypogeum is an underground temple in Malta that connects us to the harmonic resonance of our ancient gifts. The magical merlin is available to us through this holy place that is a portal the 5D reality into our daily lives.


Lenses of Love Activation Key Code

This key code supports us in seeing the world with innocent perception as we begin to look at everything through the lens of love. When we notice and see the divine in everything, old constricted perceptions based in limiting beliefs begin to drop and we broaden our perspective allowing us to see out of our current paradigm  to open the doors to new life partners. Lady Portia will be our guide.


Freedom Activation Key Code

True freedom is when you claim your sovereignty from the  enslavement of the collective programming. This code will teach you where you are still conforming to outdated states of consciousness and realign you with the vibration of true freedom with the assistance of lady liberty.


Keepers of Time Activation Key Code

This key code reconnects us with the rhythms and cycles of the universe. We tap into the synchronicity and flow of life by noticing how life guides us through displaying symbols and signs when we choose to go with the flow of the unfolding perfection of the universe.


The Abundance key code Activation

Will attune us to the powerful vibration of Lakshmi as we travel with her into the world of our senses to expand our perception to the abundance all around us. This key code activation will open us up to identify and eliminate any resistance you may have to receiving and allowing yourself to be showered with gifts.

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