Birthing Your Angelic Self

The Birthing Your Angelic Self Course – Digital Download Bundle includes: PDF booklet that guides you through the course
8 channeled classes – links to downloadable audio files in the PDF
6 channeled meditations – links to downloadable audio files in the PDF
5 channeled bonus tracks – links to downloadable audio files in the PDF
3 supplemental worksheets that support you in the course work
Terminology Guide

Birthing Your Angelic Self

The Angel Raphael delivers messages from the Angelic realm to birth your divine self. This 8-part transformation course includes virtual classes with direct interaction with The Angel Raphael as she infuses you with the highest vibration of love and healing. This course comes with vibration raising exercises, activations, and meditations to support you in birthing your Angelic Self.

As you birth your Angelic Self, you are letting your true self out to play. This part of you has never experienced trauma and has never felt wounded, abandoned, afraid, ashamed or alone. It is you in the purest form of consciousness ready to re-emerge into your present physical body and help you realize your life’s work and reason for being.

Angel Raphael will engage your entire consciousness in healing a different areas of your physical and etheric body.

Part 1 – Birthing Your Perfect Body

Connecting to Your Physical Body
Daily physical and emotional toxins can take a toll on the body. In this class we will release these toxins and tap into the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  During this class we will connect with the earth elements and focus on healing the body through deeper connections to the earth.

Part 2 – Birthing Creativity

The Intimate Relationship Between Sexuality and Creativity
In this class we will clear through sexual obstacles to harness the energy that is the basis of creativity in order to generate new ideas and enthusiasm. Here we will connect to the energy of life to create greater intimacy with your inner dreams and birth them into conscious awareness.

Part 3 – Birthing Abundance

Accessing the Vibration of Abundance
Abundance is your natural birthright. This class will focus on realigning with the vibration of abundance through the practice of action and gratitude to align your vibration to receiving and generating wealth in all areas of your life.

Part 4 – Birthing Love

Opening the Heart Center
It is often easy to love and care for others but forget to love ourselves. This class will focus on the mastery of self love! When we truly love ourselves, it opens the door to healing in our current relationships and connecting with romantic love.

Part 5 – Birthing your Voice

Opening the Throat Center
It can be hard to be oneself and speak one’s inner truth. People often say what they think others want to hear. Trying to please others can make one self-critical and filled with complaints without even realizing it. This class will focus on your birthing your authentic voice and the power of your words.

Part 6 – Birthing Vision

Opening the Pineal Gland

As time moves by we often lose sight of our dreams. This class will reignite ability to visualize the future and will support you in broadening your vision to create the things, circumstances and connections to people who will help bring your vision to reality.

Part 7 – Birthing Oneness

Opening the Crown
Through our human experience we accumulate density and forget who we truly are. This class will support you in dissolving core wounds, letting go of separation and embracing the infinite being that you are.

Part 8 – Angelic Self Anchoring and Integration into the Physical Body with Remote Angel Activation Blessing