Magical Mornings Zoom Calls ($33 option)

Magical Mornings with Cayce & Kelly Kolodney

Magical Mornings Zoom Calls ($33 option)

Do you need support holding a high vibration in this transitional period? We are here to support you! Join us for Magical Mornings with Cayce & Kelly Kolodney.

Raise your vibration Monday through Friday at 8:30am EST on Zoom video chat with Cayce Kolodney for stress management breath work, guided meditations to heal the planet, and Angel Raphael's high vibrational exercises.

Kelly will join Cayce to dive into the work that Raphael has gifted us to support the collective. This dynamic mother-son duo will be supporting you through every step of connecting with your higher self.

Plus one day each week will feature special guests who offer tools to evolve our consciousness. One of our first guests, Ryan Haddon, used hypnosis to program the subconscious mind to be in alignment with your highest self. Another guest, Dayana Pereira guided us in diving into self-love and body awareness through Feldenkrais.

This $33 energy exchange is the alternate option to the original $88 cost. If neither are possible for you due to financial hardship, please email Kelly and we will arrange it for you. We want all to be included!

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to a charitable cause that supports people suffering from the virus.